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Bespoke service at The Floral Trojan

When you hear the term bespoke what do you think of?

Do you think individualised, person-centred, tailor made maybe even special? And when you think of all these things put together, are you thinking expensive?

Here at The Floral Trojan I like to think that our bespoke service is individualised, person-centred, tailor made and also a bit special, but this does not mean we're more expensive than other florists! I work hard to get to know my customers and ask questions to find out what they are looking for. These are simple questions such as what colours are you thinking of etc etc, but what we do is truly listen to what you are saying and actually asking for, rather than making assumptions or making decisions just because that's what we want. Of course we are always here to offer advice, to give ideas and suggestions, but we are passionate about seeing your floral wishes come to life.

The simple act of asking questions and actually listening are a huge part of our bespoke service, but we of course don't charge for this. The reason why we don't have set designs and pieces for you to purchase online is that I am a strong believer that flower arrangements should be as unique as the person receiving them and therefore everything is made to order from scratch based on your needs.

We of course have a gallery that showcases some of the bouquets, arrangements and events that we have done, but asking individuals to pick out a pre-made flower design from a laminated book is not how The Floral Trojan is set up. We are passionate about people and offering a true person-centred experience and will work with you to help make your floral dreams a reality.

We do love creating themed arrangements and flowers in weird and quirky containers. Being able to re-use and re-cycle items is also great for the environment too, therefore if you are wanting to source something different than we can certainly look into this for you.

Whatever your floral wishes are we would love to help them become reality.

Thank you for reading!

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