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Christmas florals

Lets talk about the C word- Christmas! Now is the time of year that Christmas music is starting to be played on the radio, supermarkets are battling it out with their Christmas adverts and Poinsettia's are starting to be sold.

There are some many wonderful options regarding Christmas florals. From beautiful Christmas wreaths, to garlands, table decorations and Christmas themed mobiles, there are so many ways to make an impact. You may also wish to use real, dried or faux flowers, or my favourite which is a mix of all of them!

If you are going for real flowers and foliage then hear are some points which will help them last as long as possible:

  • An obvious one is to get you real flowers and foliage as close to the event as possible. Flowers obviously have a shelf life and whilst the weather has dropped which is much better for the longevity of cut flowers, this can be counter balanced with the much needed central heating in homes. Some flowers will last longer than others, for example flowers such as Gypsoplia and Carnations are a great option for this. If the correct care has been taken, I would expect these flowers to last around 2-3 weeks.

  • This brings me on nicely to conditioning. If you are unsure on how to do this, please look at my previous blog on how to care for your blooms. In order to make your flowers and foliage last as long as possible make sure you follow this step.

  • Foliage wise, especially in wreaths try to use evergreen foliage as this is likely to last longer. Whilst the wreaths are hanging on the door give them a good water spritz every few days. The cold weather and moisture in the air should help with this, therefore there shouldn't be too much maintenance.

  • Experiment and enjoy- think about the arrangements you want to create and the colours you would like to use. Whether you want to use traditional colours or would like to create something arty etc. There are so many great tutorials on Youtube and there are so many options. There are also lots of Christams wreath workshops round this time of year and therefore these can be a great way to learn to make a wreath or an arrangement. Workshops can range in prices, i've seen them as low as £30, but you can expect an average price point to be around £50-£60.

If you are looking to use dried flowers here are some points to consider:

  • Drying process. Are you using dried flowers that you have dried or one's that have been dried by a store or florist? I will be writing a future blog on how to dry flowers, but before i've had the chance to put something together, please look online for information on how to do this.

  • If you are drying flowers and foliage yourself be aware that some dry better than others. Flowers like Hydrangeas and Eryngium's really lend themselves to being dried. Lavendar and Rosemary also make great dried herbs too.

  • Using dry flowers and foliage are best to use inside, so they do not get wet and go mouldy.

  • To make up for the lack of smell, you could try adding a very small amount of fragrance oil to your arrangement. For example gently dabbing dried lavendar with some lavender oil.

If you are looking to use faux flowers in your arrangements, these are points to consider:

  • Faux flowers have come a long way, and can look pretty realistic nowadays. Places like The Range have a really good selection. Play around with colours and textures to see what works.

  • Like dried flowers keep faux flower arrangements indoors to stop them from getting damaged.

  • Faux flowers can come with long wired stems, be careful if you cut these as this can create a sharp end. I have some long faux flowers in a tall vase (they just have really long stems!), but rather than cut the ends I have bent them round in a loop, that way if i ever need to change the height of them then I can.

  • Be careful adding fragrance to faux flowers as this may cause dye to run. If you are going to try and spray them with a bit of perfume I would recommend a very light mist with at least a 60 cm gap.

So there you have it, just a few options to consider for your Christmas florals. Whatever you decide to make enjoy and have fun creating a bit of Christmas magic.

On a side note whilst we are discussing Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to channel 'A Muppets Christmas Carol', (my favourite version), lol aka 'A Christmas Carol' and wish my customers past, present and future the bestest Christmas. Lots of Christmas magic wishes coming to you!

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