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Emotional Intelligence to rule the World

This is a bit of a non-florist post, but it is related so bear with, lol.

A few months ago I was exhibiting at a Wedding fair and I met a lovely couple and I was talking to them about how they got together and as the conversation progressed we got talking about their jobs. One of them had a really fancy-smancy (that's a word right, lol) job and we were talking about the skills involved and how intelligent it sounded. The conversation then moved on to what the other person did in the couple and they replied that they worked in Care. They then went on to say that they were not as intelligent as their partner. And my response was "wait a minute, you clearly have emotional intelligence." I said that in my most humble opinion that this type of intelligence is the most important of all.

Recently I have had my own experience on being on the receiving end of a stereotype. A few moths ago I sold my car and purchased a van. I eventually got it sign written and I am so proud every time I look at it. However, the shine has been taken off things by a few people who seem to struggle with the fact that a female and a mum drives a van. The first experience I had was when I was van searching. My husband came along with me, not because he knows anything about vehicles (in fact he's useless) but as company and as another pair of ears. However, I had sales people who spent the whole time talking to my husband and barely looking at me. I went somewhere to test drive a van and after I got out they immediately asked my husband if he wanted to now test drive it.

The most recent experience I had was in a busy supermarket carpark. I had my 3 year old with me and was waiting for a parent and child space. I eventually found a space and parked in it. I was just getting out of the van to get my lil boy out and heard an almighty beep. I looked up and there was a man shouting and beeping at me, pointing at the sign that said it was for a parent and child. I was obviously embarrassed, but I responded saying that I have my child in the van and he went oh right and drove off. His stupid assumption and stereotype -he didn't think that a female with a child could be driving a van. (I'm sitting here and rolling my eyes). It wasn't just that he had that thought, but he acted on his judgement too. (I hope he felt like an idiot afterwards).

Both these situations are different, however it got me thinking about emotional intelligence and empathy, and the opposite side to this judgements and stereotypes. If empathy and emotional intelligence were rewarded higher in society and world leaders had higher levels of these, then perhaps things wouldn't be in quite the mess that they are.

I feel like i'm on my soap box, lol, but only by open dialogue, non-judgemental listening and empathy (emotional intelligence) can we move forward in peace with one another. We should be looking after this precious world- full of beautiful flowers! and each other. So, lets praise others for having empathy and emotional intelligence and hope that these skills are valued more and used across the world.

Thank you for reading and lets share the flowers.

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