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Florist Vs Supermarket flowers

This is certainly not a blog to moan about Supermarket flowers. I have as have many people at some point purchased flowers from a supermarket and have been pleased with the purchase. However working in the floristry field has allowed me to see the difference in the flowers. I purchase flowers from the Wholesalers for my arrangements and they are kept in very cold fridge like conditions. This is to help the flowers to stay 'fresh' for longer and to keep the high quality. The flowers are ordered and purchased mainly in Holland flower markets and auctions and miss out the middle man that is the supermarket. When I have produced flower arrangements for individuals and events I get so many comments saying that the flowers lasted for such a long time, which is really lovely feedback. In the next coming months I will also be looking to grow my own flowers locally, this will allow me to offer beautiful Norfolk grown flowers as well as reduce air miles in the business.

Here are some key differences between florist and supermarket flowers:

  1. Quality and Freshness: Florist flowers have superior quality and freshness. We work directly with suppliers and have access to a wider variety of flowers. We also hand-select the freshest blooms and take care to ensure proper handling and storage. Supermarket flowers may not receive the same level of attention, and their quality and freshness can vary.

  2. Variety and Selection: We offer a wider range of flowers, including exotic and specialty blooms that you may not find at a supermarket. We also supply foliage, including beautiful grasses, which are often not supplied at supermarkets. We create unique floral arrangements tailored to your specific preferences and occasions. Supermarkets, however, tend to have a more limited selection and primarily offer certain popular flower types.

  3. Customisation and Arrangements: As florists we design, and create elaborate floral designs. We work closely with you to understand your vision and create custom-made arrangements that suit your style and occasion. Supermarket flowers are typically sold as pre-packaged bouquets or bunches, providing less flexibility for customisation.

  4. Price: Supermarket flowers are generally more affordable than those from a florist. Supermarket flowers are often mass-produced and sold in bulk, allowing supermarkets to offer lower prices. Florists, however charge higher prices due to the higher quality of their flowers, personalised service, and artistic arrangement skills.

When choosing between a florist and supermarket flowers, it ultimately depends on your needs, preferences, budget and occasion. If you're looking for a specific flower variety, customised arrangements, or high-quality blooms for a special event, a florist will be the better choice. However, if you're seeking a more budget-friendly option or simple flower arrangements for everyday use, supermarket flowers can be a convenient and affordable option.

I hope this blog has helped explain the difference between the two. At The Floral Trojan we will work with you to help understand your needs and floral wishes. As florists we know that we are more expensive than supermarket flowers however you are paying for higher quality blooms, access to a wider variety of flowers and foliage, higher care and attention, design and planning skills. With events such as weddings and funerals the costs also include the delivery/installation of the flowers and foliage. At The Floral Trojan the prices also include the fact that each design is custom made and bespoke to your or the receivers needs. We don't sell any pre-set arrangements on our website as we believe flower arrangements are like people; unique, individual and worth the attention!

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