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Flowers in Songs

It's obvious for me to say that I love flowers, but I also love making arrangements with some cheesy tune playing in the background, which got me thinking that I really should have a playlist about Flowers! Therefore I thought I'd do a little blog about it to record somewhere what songs there are about flowers and which ones will make it onto my play list (I'll be marking them * to *****, as to whether they're going on the playlist, so here we go:

Flowers - By Miley Cyrus ***** on the play list for sure

Build me up Buttercup- By The Foundations *** It's a classic so gotta have it on the playlist

Lotus Flower - By Radiohead ** I do like Radiohead, but i'm gonna fall asleep if this is on my playlist!

Plastic Roses- By Jessica Sanchez **** Beautiful voice, therefore gotta be on the playlist

A dozen Roses and a six pack - By Cole Swindell ** Appreciate the voice but not my thing I'm afraid.

Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran *** I'm gonna be sobbing into the flowers, think i'll have it towards the end of my playlist!

Run for the Roses by Dan Fogelberg ** oh gosh as above, massive sobsville, not on the ol playlist i'm afraid, my flowers will all be all wet on top, lol.

Black Roses Red by Alana Grace **** Really like this, again not the happiest tune. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the Queen wanting the roses red, lol

The Rose by Bette Midler *** Love Bette Midler, but afraid this isn't going on to the playlist

Coming Up Roses by Keira Knightley **** Is there anything Keira Knightly can't do? Nope, she can act, model and sing - triple threat!

Rose Garden - Nick Jonas and the Administration ** Lovely voice, but not for me i'm afraid.

Flower by Kylie Minogue ***** Adore Kylie and beautiful song! Another sad one though, so gonna have to go towards the end of the ol playlist

Fading Like a Flower by Roxette **** Definitely a sing your heart out song.

Cherry Blossom Girl by Air ** This song is far too cool for me!

Blue Orchid - The White Stripes *** Reminds me of my youth, not always a good thing, lol.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison ** I know others will love this but not for me i'm afraid.

Kiss from a Rose - Seal ***** As soon as I hear the intro I get goosebumps. Yes its a slow one, but I loves it!

Flowers in the window - Travis ***** Absolutely love this song!!! Def on the ol playlist!

Flowers - Sweet Female attitude ***** Just gotta dance to this one.

Daydream - Wallace Collection **** Chilled vibes going on.

Dead Flowers- The Rolling Stones ** I'm prob gonna get some hate for this one, but just not my bag i'm afraid eek

Bed of roses- Bon Jovi *** what a voice!, not gonna make it on the playlist though

Where have all the flowers gone - Peter, Paul and Mary *** I actually think this song is pretty special and actually got to me a bit, but can't give it more stars as it's not making the playlist, but beautiful song!

I never promised you a Rose garden - Lynn Anderson **** I really like this song, I beg your pardon! Going on the list.

Sunflower- Lenny Kravitz ** Funky, but not for me.

Paper Roses - Marie Osmond * oh gosh really not for me. Reminds me of Eurovision, but not good Eurovision.

Virginia Bluebell - Miranda Lambert ** nope

Flowers - Chris Young ** also noooo

You don't bring me flowers anymore- Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond ** on a bad run here, also noooo

Flowers on the Wall - Statler Brothers * I mean at least it's jolly.

Desert Rose- Sting **** Oooo liking this one. Adds to playlist

Lotus Intro- Christina Aguilera *** Love Christina, but this is not my fave

Wildflower- Deana Carter ** Lovely voice, but not my vibe

Roses - Mary J Blige *** Absolute incredible voice, can't give more as it's not going on the playlist.

Plastic Rose- Maroon 5 ** Catchy number, but no

Life is a flower- Ace of Base ***** Finally a song I love. Love Ace of Base and love this song! Obvs on my playlist

Mama like the Roses - Elvis Presley ** Beautiful song, but not right for my playlist

A Rose by any name - Blondie *** Pretty funky. Adds to playlist

Buy me a Rose - Kenny Rogers ** Beautiful song but not for me i'm afraid.

Flowers of the universe - Sade **** Yes its a slow one, so not the upbeat tracks i'm after, having said that it's too beautiful not to have on the playlist

Nothing but flowers - Talking heads ** Spunky lil number.

Flowers- Kelly Rowland *** Powerful and arty. Undecided whether to add to the playlist.

Roses - Shaun Mendes ** Nice voice but too moochy for me.

Katy Perry - Daisies **** ooo love this song. Gonna belt this one out!

Bring me flowers now- Tanya Tucker ** Bit of country - oh gosh not for me I'm afraid.

Love is a Rose - Linda Ronstadt ** nice voice, i like the twangyness (how is that not a word!). Not for my playlist though.

Guilty Flowers - Ward Thomas **** Hadn't heard this song before researching for my playlist and really like this. Strong, annoyed female vibes, loves it.

Flowers - Gabi Demartino *** Another annoyed female song about a stupid lover. Love the vibe but not going on the playlist- am I super fussy or what!

Yellow Roses - Dolly Parton ** Love Dolly's voice, but too sweet for me!

Roses for the dead - Funeral for a friend **** beautiful song and so powerful. Gotta have this on the playlist.

So what did I find out in my research for a flower related playlist? Well most flower song are slow romantic songs, which wasn't really the vibe I was going for. I was looking for an upbeat playlist and I found a lot of really emotional sad songs, some of which I loved so had to put on my playlist. I have to say my fave has got to be Ace of Base's song, the band reminds me of my childhood and my childhood bff- hi Nikki if you are reading this.

So the songs that made it on to my playlist are:

Miley Cyrus - Flowers

The Foundations - Build me up buttercup

Jessica Sanchez - Plastic Roses

Ed Sheeran - Supermarket Flowers

Alana Grace - Black roses red

Kiera Knightly- Coming up roses

Kylie - Flower

Roxette - Fading like a flower

Seal - Kiss from a rose

Travis - Flowers in the window

Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers

Wallace Collection - Daydream

Lynn Anderson - I never promised you a rose garden

Sting - Desert Rose

Ace of Base - Life is a flower

Blondie - A rose by any other name

Sade - Flowers of the universe

Katy Perry - Daisies

Ward Thomas - Guilty flowers

Funeral for a friend - Roses for the dead

So there we are my flower playlist - actually more songs than I thought. Think that's 20 that made it on to the list. Comment on thought's, songs i've missed or any you think should or shouldn't have put on my list...

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