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Halloween Flower fun

Halloween is just around the corner, but it's not too late to have some fun floral Halloween fun. Here are a few ways that you can get some Halloween flower fun injected into your home...

  1. Colours - the most obvious way is to buy Halloween coloured flowers. beautiful oranges, yellows, reds and browns are very autumnal and lend themselves so well to Halloween.

  2. Types of flowers - Buying in season florals is also a great way to celebrate the time of year. However flowers such as Celosia Cockscomb (I know unfortunate name) I think really lend themselves to Halloween, as to me they look like brains, lol. Other options could include foliage such as Fatsia's which look like big spikey hands. Leucospermum and Eryngium's are other great options as they offer that cool spikey look!

  3. Arrangements - There are so many great options for arrangements and containers.

  • If money isn't too much of an option (lucky you, lol), you could look at purchasing a cauldron, places like Ebay have some great options and you could arrange a cool themed arrangement in that.

  • Pumpkins and squashes - There are a couple of options with this. You could either hollow out the pumpkin or winter squash, place inside floral foam, secure in place with floral tape and add the flowers. Rolled up chicken wire is a good alternative to foam. roll up the chicken wire and place inside the pumpkin (Just watch those fingers on the wire). You could still get the kids or adults to carve the pumpkin and give you Halloween pumpkin a fancy flower hairdo. The other pumpkin option is to wrap and secure flowers to the top of the pumpkin or squash and use cocktail sticks to secure accessories. If you use this option you may need to use a screwdriver to help make holes for the cocktails sticks to go into, as the squashes can be hard to pierce.

  • If on a budget, something like wrapping your flowers in black tissue paper and putting into a vase can look really effective, especially if your using orange flowers the black tissue paper will really make them pop.

  • Arranging flowers in trick or treat bowls is another good low cost option. You can pick up plastic Halloween themed bowls for around £4 and you can then use the bowl again for future years.

Should you decide to decorate your house using flowers for Halloween the main advice I would give is to just have fun with it. Experiment and see what you like. You can always get others involved in the fun such as kids or partners who are like big kids, lol and enjoy!

Thank you for reading and Happy Halloween!

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