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How to care for your blooms

I wanted to do a lil blog about how to care for your cut flowers. Whether you get flowers from us here at The Floral Trojan, the supermarket or even another florist please read the below for care advice on how to get the best from your cut blooms.

Leaf stripping- not to be confused with other types of stripping

If you are getting flowers from us or a florist the leaves at water level will be stripped off the stem. This is because there is bacteria that will build up in a vase or container if the leaves are left on the stem and under the water. Should you have flowers from the supermarket please remove the leaves. I tend to remove most if not all of the leaves on flowers as this then stops leaves from falling into the water and contaminating the water as well as giving more energy to the flower.

Diagonal cut

Cut the bottom of the stems on a diagonal, this crates a bigger surface area for more water to be sucked up. Re-cut a small bit off the stems every few days, use a sharp knife or scissors to avoid crushing the stems and reducing the water uptake. Florists would have already cut the stems to arrange, however once you receive flowers it is still good to give them a cut and continue to cut them every 2-3 days.

Ice ice baby

Not literally, but do place your flowers away from heat sources. Flowers next to radiators, on under floor heating or next to fan heaters are going to wilt and pass so much quicker than if they are kept cool.

Apple-solutley enjoy your flowers!

Keep flowers away from fruit - unless your only needing flowers for a day or two and combining flowers with fruit for an event. Keep fruit away from flowers, fruit produces a gas called ethylene which impacts the longevity of flowers.

Wilting blooms

Flowers have different life spans. Flowers such as Chrysanthemums are pretty hardy and I've had some go for as long as 3 weeks! Therefore if you have Chrysanth's with a flower with a shorter life span, remove any wilting flowers/dead flowers so they don't affect the freshness of other flowers

That's a wrap

Please please please take the plastic wrap off flowers as soon as possible! Even the aqua pack/ water bubble that florists put the flowers in temporarily needs to be removed. Aqua packs are for transporting the flowers and to keep them in water before being received, but they are not a vase/container. Cellophane which is used in wraps is a plastic and will heat up, which will then produce bacteria. I've seen so many people keep flowers in aqua packs and cellophane wrapping and it really does impact on the life of the flowers. Flowers need to breathe and do not want to get all sweaty under plastic covers! - not many of us would want that, although there's always the odd few, lol.

I hope this has helped. If you have any cut flower care questions please let us know and I will try and help. Thank you for reading :)

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