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New Year, new you?

I always think Christmas can be a real rollercoaster, it can be filled with things like love and togetherness, but can also bring about feelings of loss and sadness, and perhaps even a spectrum of all of these feelings. Having lost a family member in January I can appreciate the mix of feelings that the festive period can bring. But I hope everyone reading this had a nice festive period and wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2024!

January, as the start of the Year brings about talk of change. New Years resolutions are common and I myself decided to create a couple of the 'dreaded' resolutions. One of which does require me to get more fit, which is easier said then done! I'm definitely one of those people who like to hibernate in the winter, plus like most people, my cupboards are full of yummy sweet treats. Nevertheless, I have signed up to a dance fitness class and plan to keep my resolution for as long as I can, so probably until February!

When researching for New Year's resolutions, I actually came across some nice and some fun ones, which I thought I would share in case anyone else wanted inspiration for a change. These are my top 20 personal favourites...

  1. Start a gratitude Journal

  2. Cook something new each week

  3. Read more books

  4. Join a club

  5. Become a plant owner

  6. Make time for cuddling

  7. Learn or hone a new skill

  8. Give yourself more compliments

  9. Read good news stories

  10. Make your living space more fragrant

  11. Perform a daily act of kindness

  12. Connect more with others

  13. Make a movie bucket list

  14. Clean out your closet

  15. Get your photo taken in 5 interesting places

  16. Learn a cool party trick

  17. Plan a trip

  18. Invite friends round to have more game evenings

  19. Learn a new language

  20. Dance more

The New year doesn't mean it has to be out with the old and in with the new. You can decide how much change, if any, you want to make. Whatever your resolutions are keep them manageable and achievable - and if there's some fun and laughter along the way then the merrier!

I hope wherever you a reading this that the sun is shinning down on you, and whatever 2024 has planned, I hope the New Year is kind to you. Thank you for reading!

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