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Potential feelings when starting a business

Starting a business can bring about a variety of different feelings anywhere from severe anxiety to extreme excitement, with all that's in-between. From my early experience and talking to other small start-up's these feelings are completely normal! The good thing about experiencing these feelings it means that you actually give a damn about your customers, your business and the job that you do. My unqualified advice would be to accept the feelings that you are experiencing, understand that the feelings are normal and acknowledge that it's because you are passionate about what you do.

I have summarised 3 feelings that you may experience:

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a feeling where you basically feel like you're faking it, even though you've got the skills and accomplishments to back yourself up. It's like this nagging voice in your head saying, "You don't belong here," or "You're just lucky, not talented." etc. People who experience imposter syndrome often downplay their successes, feel like they're not good enough, and constantly worry about being exposed as a fraud. Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome seem to be well linked. People may tell you how amazing you are at what you do, but you may struggle to see this. From hearing from other's, the good news is that the voice of Imposter Syndrome often gets quieter the longer you have been working in your field, building your confidence in you and your business. But this feeling is totally normal!


Rejection is unfortunately part of owning a small business. You may give quotes and then hearing nothing back. You may spend time giving advice only to find that the person has decided to choose another business. As amazing as you are, you will not 'win' every job. Even the best actors go for roles that they don't get. It can be so disheartening when you think you've clicked with someone or spent a lot of time giving a quote etc. It is totally ok to feel hurt or disappointed when facing rejection. Try to take each rejection as a learning experience (I know easier said than done). Sometimes it may have been a blessing in disguise too. Just because you have experienced rejection that certainly does not mean that will be your start-up journey. Perhaps there might even be something that you can learn and take away from the rejection. Keep going as you will find your customers.

Feeling Overwhelmed

There is so much to learn starting a new business and do. It can feel so overwhelming. When starting a small business you may not realise that you have to be an 'expert' in: Social Media, Marketing, Promotion, Design, Website creating, SEO, Photography, Financing/Numbers, Admin, Networking, Communicating and Planning. This is just a few of the areas that small businesses have to try and navigate. If budget allows you could try and out-source some of these things to help you. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed and under pressure. When I first set up the business I made lists and this helped me stay on top of things that I needed to do. Don't get me wrong I made errors along the way, but having a 'to do' list and crossing things off can give you a good sense of achievement. Of course these areas are going to be continuous, things like social media is a tool to help you reach out to your audience on a regular basis. Don't forget to breathe and try to do things in stages, remember Rome wasn't built in a day!

It can feel lonely starting a new business. My advice on this would be; that as scary as it is, do reach out to other local business to try and build a support network. For example, lets say you are setting up a cheese making business and in your local area there is a small start up bakery. Reach out to them and see if they are happy to meet and share ideas. You may find that not only do you get some good advice, but you are able to collaborate on a product. Some local Council's may be able to give you advice on business support in your area.

Check out any free resources that you can, again some Council's have schemes come up that may help. Organisations such as Enterprise Nation and Digital Boost have a variety of free resources that may help you too.

In my very humble opinion the range of feelings that you experience when running a small business are completely normal, and seem to occur for most people at one time or another. Remember it's because you are passionate and care about what you do. Try celebrating this rather than dwelling on any negative feelings. Celebrate those wins, no matter how small - this could be something like setting up your business Facebook account for this first time.

It's great to have feelings of excitement, happiness and determination with your business. It can be so rewarding doing something you love and for others to love what you do too. Keep the energy and keep dreaming, because if you are passionate about what you do then other's will be too.

I am now going to read over my blog again to try and take some of my own damn medicine, lol!

Keep dreaming and keep flying to the stars.

Thanks for reading!

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