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The Beauty in Ageing

Starting a business in my mid-late 30’s I often question whether I started my business too late in life. I look around at others who have more youth on their side and wonder if I did this all too late. However, in my business journey I have been so blessed to meet so many other fantastic businesses and I have been surprised that like me many found their business callings later in life.

As we have more experience with the world and have increasing interactions with individuals and scenarios we learn to well learn. Sometimes when things haven’t gone to plan, I say, ‘I’ll put that one down to experience” and I hope that I do indeed learn from that experience.

Age is indeed just a number, but also helpful too. I personally feel more confident now in my late 30’s than I did in my early 20’s and I hope this confidence will continue to progress and bloom. After speaking with other business owners that started their businesses later in life, what I have learnt is that its is never too late to follow your dreams and live your passions. Therefore, please do not let age be a factor in not pursuing your dreams and wishes.

As Flowers start to age, they can wilt and brown at the edges. Often flowers are thrown out during this time. However, some flowers can be dried and therefore last a lot longer in its dried form. But there can also be beauty in the flower ageing process. Flowers can look interesting as they start drying or browning due to age. Therefore, the next time you throw your flowers out because they have passed, look and see if they have another day or two of beauty in them.


What beauty have you found in ageing? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!


Thank you for reading and keep dreaming and learning 😊

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