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The inclusivity of flowers

Updated: May 17, 2023

There are so many reasons why I love flowers- the smell, the beauty, the impact they have on wellbeing whether it's looking at them or arranging them. But I also love flowers for their inclusivity. I truly believe that flowers are for everybody. Flowers are for all genders and all ages. I believe that kids can connect with flowers and nature from an early age. They use memory gardens of senses and flowers in therapeutic settings to support individuals with dementia as well as other illnesses. Flowers and plants really are so special at connecting us to nature, but also help nature to thrive. Bee's need flowers and vice-versa. Flowers and plants are entwined with what we need too.

Flowers seemed to have had this connection with femininity for sometime, however they're there to be enjoyed by everyone. It's absolutely ok for men to enjoy flowers and to be involved in organising flowers for special events such as weddings. I have given men in my family flower arrangements as presents and I know they have genuinely enjoyed receiving them (we're a very hearts on your sleeve kinda family, so we can tell if one of us is just being polite.) The name Floral Trojan was created due to 3 main reasons, the first my son is called Hector (Prince of Troy, he obvs doesn't have the Prince of Troy part in his name, lol), the second due to being diagnosed with a chronic illness and having to leave my employed job, I am determined to keep fighting and showing warrior spirit. The 3rd reason is because I love the mix of the supposed femininity of flowers and the supposed masculinity of fighting. Flowers are for all genders. And everyone is a warrior as we're all fighting some sort of battle in life at some point.

I think things are starting to change with people feeling able to fully embrace and express themselves and feel accepted. There is certainly no age or gender that flowers must appeal to. There are also so many different flowers to the beautiful understated one's, the boastful 'here I am flowers' and all that's in between. We don't all have to like the same flowers, in fact that would be boring if we all liked the same things, where's the fun in that! But I think we can all appreciate flowers whether it be for the feeling they give us, what they offer or both. I'd love to hear more about people's fave flowers and why? What memories they give you? What they offer and mean to you?

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