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Wedding Flower Planning

There is no set criteria on Wedding flowers. I have put together a short list on what is traditional in regards to who typically receives flowers on the big day. However, specific floral arrangements and recipients can vary based on cultural or personal preferences.

At a wedding, several people typically receive flowers. Here are some common recipients:

  1. The bride or brides: Usually carries a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet is a traditional and symbolic element of the bride's ensemble.

  2. Bridesmaids: Bridesmaids often carry smaller bouquets or wear floral accessories, such as corsages or wristbands. These flowers usually complement the overall wedding theme or match the bride's bouquet.

  3. Flower girls and Paige boys may receive small floral arrangements to hold such as small bouquets, flower baskets or flower wands. Flower headbands, flower wristbands and boutonnieres are also popular.

  4. Groom, Grooms and Groomsmen: May wear boutonnieres, which are small flowers or floral accents pinned to their lapels. These boutonnieres often coordinate with the bride's bouquet or the wedding colours.

  5. Other key wedding party members such as mother of the bride may receive corsages to wear for the day

  6. Thank you flowers- These can be given to give thanks to the main wedding party or family members at the reception. Small gifts including flowers seeds, and potpourri can be given as wedding favours.

  7. Ceremony decor: The wedding ceremony venue is often adorned with floral arrangements. This may include flower arrangements at the entrance, aisle and pew or chair decorations.

  8. Reception decor: Flowers are commonly used to decorate the reception venue as well. This can include centerpieces for the tables, floral arrangements on the gift table, buffet table, or cake table, and other decorative floral elements throughout the space.

When choosing wedding flowers, it's important to consider factors such as seasonality, budget, personal preferences, and the overall wedding theme or colour scheme. At The Floral Trojan I will work with you to find out what your floral wishes and needs are. I work in a bespoke and person centred way and I am keen to produce beautiful flowers that are meaningful to you and your partner.

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