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What is floral foam

Floral foam is a spongy material that we use to hold flowers in place in arrangements. It's like a green foam that absorbs water to keep the flowers hydrated and stable. We soak the foam in water before using it to make sure the flowers stay fresh.

The foam itself can come in different shapes or we can shape sheets of foam into our own designs. Floral foam has the advantage that because it soaks up water it helps keep the flowers healthy. There has been more and more awareness that floristry foam has environmental issues as it's hard to break down. Therefore where possible at The Floral Trojan I will try to source biodegradable foam, as well as arrange flowers in beautiful containers that do not need foam. I often use things like chicken wire to try and hold arrangements stable.

Continuously breathing in floral foam is also not great health wise. Floral foam contains synthetic materials and chemicals, which is derived from petroleum-based products. Therefore when working with floral foam kit is good to work in a good ventilated area!

I think there is a lot of hope in the floral community that other suitable alternative to floristry foam will be developed soon! In the meantime we need to look at what we can individually do to reduce any environmental impact!

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