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Which flower personality are you?

Did you ever do those personality quiz's in magazine's? As a young girl I absolutely loved the magazine GirlTalk - does anyone else remember this magazine? I remember doing a Friends quiz and I came out as Monica - actually no surprise to anyone who knows me, lol, but I remember I desperately wanted to be Rachel - I was in love with Jennifer Aniston and kinda still am!

So I thought it would be fun to make up a fun silly flower personality quiz. Please note this has no scientific backing whatsoever and is just a quiz that I've made up, "therefore don't phone it's just for fun"!

  1. At a party are you...

a) The hostess with the mostess

b) Centre of attention

c) Supporting others

d) Chatting to your friends

2. Would your ideal party outfit be...

a) A classic cocktail dress

b) Anything that sparkles

c) A jumpsuit

d) Long Maxi dress

3. Your best day would be...

a) A champagne lunch

b) A pamper day

c) A picnic in an English Garden

d) A beach day

4. What animal would you be?

a) A Persian cat

b) A peacock

c) A owl

d) A dog

5. How would people describe you?

a) Serene

b) Fun

c) Kind

d) Reliable

6. What is your favourite colour?

a) Red

b) Pink

c) Green

d) Blue

7. What is your favourite genre of book?

a) Romance

b) Fantasy

c) Sci-fi

d) Horror

8. Which car would you like?

a) Rolls Royce

b) Lotus

c) Land Rover

d) Mercedes

9. What is your go to shoe?

a) Mary Jane

b) Stiletto

c) Walking boots

d) Trainers

10. Which shape appeals to you?

a) Diamond

b) Star

c) Heart

d) Crescent moon

11. What mythical animal would you be?

a) Phoenix

b) Unicorn

c) Dragon

d) Fairy

Mostly A's - You are a .... Rose!

You are a beautiful classic English Rose. You are pure class through and through. You have great organisational skills and look like a serene swan, even if you feel like you are pedalling madly. You are a perfectionist and like the finer things in life. Whatever you do, it comes out smelling like roses :). Try not to put too much pressure on yourself!

Mostly B's - You are a ... Peony

You are a beautiful Peony. You love a party and enjoy socialising with others. You are fun loving and take everything in your stride. You are an optimistic and creative individual. Your fun loving nature puts people at ease. You ooze sparkle, which you sprinkle to all around you, just make sure you don't burn yourself out!

Mostly C's You are a ... Clematis

You are a beautiful Clematis. You are a natural beauty who is kind and is passionate about helping others. You are active and enjoy getting out and about and exploring new places. You are a thoughtful individual and good at listening to others. Don't forget to look after yourself too!

Mostly D's You are a ... Chrysanthemum

You are a beautiful Chrysanthemum! You are a reliable and loyal friend. You work hard in all areas of your life. You can sometimes be quiet in new situations, but once people earn your trust you open up and share the beauty that you are. You are a great trustworthy person, just make sure that people deserve your loyalty!

So there you go there is my fun and completely unscientific personality quiz. Let me know if I guessed you right. I'm guessing I'll have more wrong than correct, lol!

Thanks for having some fun and for reading!

Best wishes

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