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Why The Floral Trojan?

Anyone that knows me would think that on opening a florist I would probably have called it something like Princess Pretty Pink Petals, lol, ok maybe not that extreme but they definitely would have expected something like Dreaming Daisy's. Don't get me wrong I do love things like that, but there are so many reasons why The Floral Trojan was the name I had to have and equally love. I get a real mixed response when people hear the name. People either love it and think ooo something different, or you can see the look on their faces when they go 'ohhhh right', haha. My quick go to in response is always "My little boy is called Hector", which is also a bit of a marmite name,lol, but there are sooo many reasons why The Floral Trojan was born. I thought I would do a lil list of the reasons:

  1. My little boy is indeed called Hector. Iain and I both like hearing the Greek mythology stories and love hearing different stories about Troy. We were actually booked to go to Athens when I found out I was pregnant! We had to cancel, thanks covid, but hopefully we will get there one day. Hector weirdly enough was also delivered by a Greek Dr, so was clearly meant to be! Hector is my most important influence of The Floral Trojan name, I needed to have my little light be part of the job I love.

  2. Warrior spirit- having had a bit of a poop time with illness and working through it. I like to think there's some warrior spirit inside which is like 'you keep fighting.'

  3. I love the play on supposed masculinity and femininity, but with flowers bringing all people together regardless of genders.

  4. The idea of The Floral Trojan with my logo of a hard metal helmet contrasts with the softness and flowing beauty of flowers, and the supposed play of 'ugly pretty'. I love transforming items that no longer have much purpose and giving them one again. Recycling and reusing to make things useable or beautiful again. For example doing flower arrangements in old cast iron fireplaces, in old chimneys, unwanted old jugs etc. I love pushing the boundaries of what is beautiful and enhancing an old antique.

  5. Under my logo is the phrase "revealing nature's beauty" and this to me is also important as I like to show off how beautiful flowers, herbs, foliage and nature actually is. I like to think that I'm helping to enhance and showcase the beauty.

  6. I like the idea of making people think. The Trojan Horse in Troy was a deceptive act and mechanism as a way of winning the war. Now I obviously don't want to deceive and trick people! But I like to hope that some of my designs create a bit of magic almost creating illusions. (I recently had 3 people come up to me think my arrangements were faux flowers). Each of them said they seemed too perfect to be real. I took it as a huge compliment, and I loved the surprise they got when they found out they were real flowers.

  7. And lastly I will absolutely work like an absolute Trojan to make sure you have the flowers of your dreams. I live and dream this job, and love coming up with ideas and making things bespoke for people. I will often work until 2 in the morning either making arrangements, making floral plans or blogging away. I love this job, it means so much to me and I always feel so honoured when people choose me to do floral arrangements for them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Also thank you to everyone that has supported me thus far and for all the kind words from people. I hope this blog has given you an insight to the curves and the edges of my flowery mind :)

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Love the ‘marmite’ factor. my first songbird I made bore the words you’ve got to “make your own kind of music- sing your own special song” & I’m a big fan of ‘be yourself- everyone else is taken’

its only by doing so you are able to put your heart & soul into your work. I have plenty of soulless flower arrangements & bouquet’s- (remembered for all the wrong reasons) - sometimes the person who sent them & the reason why was enough but the flowers that were lovingly created by someone who cared I will remember for ever. Flowers are chosen for some of the most important, poignant moments in life but they can also make a simple gestur…

Camilla Mills
Camilla Mills
2023년 7월 11일
답글 상대:

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support! I always feel so privileged when people choose me to do flowers for them. I've been so lucky to have some really beautiful champions on this journey - so thank you!

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