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Please note that we require at least 2 days notice for standard orders

For weddings we will require approximately four months notice, but I will try and work to more pressing time scales on an individual need basis. Please note a £100 non-refundable deposit will need to be paid to secure your date, this will come off your final bill, with the rest of the balance needing to be paid one month before the big day.

Funeral flowers will need to be paid for at least 3 days before the funeral date.

Every care and attention will be taken to ensure you have the flowers you request, however flowers are often seasonal and a living product and therefore cannot be guaranteed. In the need for a substitution a similar flower with a similar cost will be used. 

Where Norfolk flowers are used these will be cottage style flowers that will vary depending on season. We will work hard to try and get the colour and style you are after, but these flowers are seasonal and dependent on variables such as the British weather. 

Should you wish to use a container of your own for flowers to be arranged in this may be accommodated, however the item will need to be delivered to Mattishall. 

If you are looking for a particular quirky and unusual container for the flowers to be in such as old suitcase etc, you can either source this yourself as above, or I can try and source this for you. If you would like me to try and source the item please allow at least 2 weeks for me to try to find a suitable item. There will be a charge of £10 per hour for researching the item, the cost of the item, fuel costs for any pickups required on top of the cost of the arrangement and time to do the arrangement, as well as any delivery costs. Payment will be required before the bespoke floral item is made.

We plan to have a stock of bespoke containers and therefore arrangements can be done in these. Please keep an eye on Facebook to see what containers we have available. The cost of flowers in the container will include the container cost and therefore will be a keepsake for after the flowers have wilted.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


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